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  Banco del Pichincha - Cuenca


Do you offer health insurance for $13.50 per month?

Preguntado por Kelly hace 5 years
I heard from a facilitator that you offer health insurance to expats under 65-years-old for $13.50 per month. Is that true? And, does that insurance satisfy the new law that says expats must have health insurance?

investment cd for residency

Preguntado por thomas sloan hace 9 years, 1 month
can this transfer of $25500.00 from a us bank be in the form of a check and we wait until it clears?
How much does the cd pay in interest?
is there someone at your central bank that speaks English that we can meet with?

open savings account

Preguntado por Randy Wilfong hace 9 years, 8 months
Hello, I would like to open a savings account. Do I need any documents besides my passport? Is there a representative that speaks some English that I could meet? I am still learning Spanish. Thank You.

wire transfer my account to us

Preguntado por marina vera bissell hace 10 years, 5 months
I would like to close my account in Cuenca,for I will not be going back to Ecuador.Please let me know what I have to do to accomplise this.

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